Above: North Star Capsule

Dear Conscious Collectors, it's been a rollercoaster of a year, to say the least, but there were many more ups despite the downs, and it's all thanks to you and your overwhelming support!

We launched our first pop-up in Asia with Wild Lot, where we were so excited to meet a lot of you; some of our fines made it all the way to the Summer 2020 Olympics, with Fencer Moonie Chu, and, we proudly broke record sales for Pink October, with 10% of all the profits going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an NGO dedicated to life-saving breast cancer research. But, there were a few more highlights that we were especially proud of:

Lots Of New Fines To Add To Your Collection

This year we came out with lots of stunning new jewellery pieces that quickly became some of your favourites and our best-sellers! This includes the North Star Capsule with an engraveable centrepiece, the Duet Diamond Capsule, featuring two asymmetric milgrain-set diamonds, and our sparkliest necklace yet – the Diamond Station Necklace, with five brilliant-cut bezel-set diamonds.

Additionally, we expanded one of our most-loved collections, the Ava capsule, to include the matching mother-child Ava Ring and Ava Dome Ring sets, symbolising unconditional love.

We Launched The Fine Print, Our Online Magazine

Hot off the press: this August, we were excited to debut our very own online magazine, The Fine Print! When it comes to jewellery and sustainability, we have a lot to say. But more than that we love connecting with you, Conscious Collectors, in more ways than one.

So we decided there was no better way to share everything we're passionate about than with our very own blog. On The Fine Print you can read everything from styling guides from our in-house stylist, Rosemary Ling, to jewellery industry and sustainability deep dives, to the inspirations behind our new jewellery launches, and interviews with taste makers in the industry and beyond. (Psst... you can expect lots more exciting stories in the new year, so stay tuned!)

We Made Strides Towards 100% Traceability

We're proud to share that we made great progress in our sustainability journey throughout the year: we only use recycled and fairtrade gold that contributes to the fair wages and ethical working conditions of artisanal gold miners; we created a Lifetime Buyback programme, which means we buy back you Nyrelle jewellery and recycle your fines to craft new fines for you, and, we only use Conflict-free Diamonds certified by the Kimberly Process Certification scheme.

On top of that, our ongoing partnership with Moyo Gems, means we've been able to source our gemstones ethically, ensuring fair wages and safe mining conditions for artisanal female miners in Tanzania.

(Read more about all our current sustainability initiatives here)

Our Community of #ConsciousCollectors Grew and Grew

Last but not least, we're so grateful for the overwhelming love and support we've received from you throughout the year and we're always so excited to connect with this ever growing community of Conscious Collectors.

Plus, we connected and partnered with some incredible thought leaders and taste makers in jewellery, fashion, lifestyle and beyond, including Anisha Thai - Dancer, Entrepreneur and Engineer.

In 2022, you can look forward to LOTS more stunning jewellery launches. Bringing you fines that you'll both love and cherish for years to come is something that's incredibly important to us, so we've listened to all your feedback this year and taken it into consideration for our upcoming designs, which we can't wait to share with you!

Additionally, our journey to 100% traceability and sustainability is only just getting started, and this upcoming year, we'll be working hard to continue to reach our goals. (We'll be sure to share lots of updates with you throughout the year!)

Above all, we’re sincerely grateful for each and every one of you who have made all of this possible for us in the last year. Thank you for being on this journey with us and for all of your ongoing support to drive change in the industry. On to brighter things in 2022.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your loved ones!

Stay safe and warm, Team Nyrelle