The world of jewelry is kaleidoscopic — there are metals in various hues shimmering against gemstones of all colors in the rainbow. Presented before you are everyday fine jewelry choices so vast and charming, but how does one pick a combination that best compliments their skin tone? Read on for our tips concluded from color theory and real-life trial and error, but remember: there’s no right or wrong way to wear your jewelry. 


How to determine the best jewelry for your skin tone


According to your skin’s undertones…

There’s a difference between the color of your skin and the undertones of your skin. The rule of thumb is to have a look at your veins and natural blush.

Cool undertones

You will notice your veins appear bluish, while a pinkish blush peeks through your skin. White gold and silver are your BFFs. In terms of gems, think colors on the cool-tone spectrum such as emerald, sapphire, pearl and amethyst. 

Editor's Picks: Classic Chain, Diamond Trinity Necklace and our Spiral Diamond Ring.

Warm undertones

Your veins are in a greenish hue; and hints of olive and yellow can be found in your complexion. Yellow gold and rose gold are meant for you. For an extra shimmer, turn to gems in warm tones such as garnet, peridot and ruby. 

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According to the color of your skin...

An indicator more straightforward than any other, a look at the color of your skin will help you determine which jewelry suits you the most.

Fair skin

You and white gold are a match made in heaven. The brilliant gleam of white gold appears extra crisp against fair complexions, especially if you have blonde hair.

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Lightly tanned, olive or Mediterranean skin

Jackpot! Your caramel, sun-kissed skin is the perfect backdrop for yellow, rose and white gold jewelry alike. Go ahead and have your pick, the world is your oyster.

Editor's Picks: Solar Necklace, Solar RingCriss Cross Ring and our Ginkgo Ring.

Dark skin

Accentuate the luscious, rich hues of your skin with jewelry forged from yellow or rose gold. When in doubt, yellow gold will never fail you.

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The bulletproof choice…

Diamonds! Diamonds look good with everything — after all, it can’t be called “a girl’s best friend” without a solid reason. Pro-tip: the bigger the diamond, the more ravishing you look.

Editor's Picks: Droplet Capsule, Waterlily Diamond Bar Bracelet and our Classic Diamond Ring.