Left photo: Criss Cross Ring, Duet Diamond Ring, Diamond Trinity Open Ring, Mini Bead Bangle
Right Photo: Diamond Trinity Chain Earrings, Duet Diamond Necklace, Duet Diamond Ring, Duet Diamond Bracelet, Duet Chain Earring

Christmas parties, champagne brunches, bottomless cocktails and desserts in abundance: when it comes to December, nothing is off-limits – and rightly so! It's the one month of the year to go all out, put your best foot forward and dress to the nines.

Whether you're looking to add a dash of dazzling cheer to your everyday wear, or dress up a cocktail outfit for a fancy Christmas do, stacking up your jewels will always do the trick. This season, we're all about coloured gemstones, white gold and diamonds – the ultimate festive combo reminiscent of brilliant white snow. Here are our top festive jewellery picks from our resident stylist, Rosemary Ling.

Bling Big for Cocktail Hour

Rose's Picks: Diamond station necklace paired with the Duet Diamond ring and the Waterlily Diamond Open Hoops, all in 100% recycled solid white gold

"For cocktail parties, go sleek and simple in terms of cut and colour when picking out a dress, or you can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress," says Rose. "Then, get creative with layering diamond jewellery to really make your look stand out – you can never have too much sparkle if your outfit is minimalist."

Layer Up Over Cosy Knits

Rose's Picks: The Diamond Duet necklace, the Link Chain Necklace, the Rope Chain Necklace, and the Nova Necklace, all in 100% recycled solid white gold

Sweater weather is all about bundling up and keeping warm, but you can still do so in style. Stacking numerous necklaces and chains over your knits is the perfect way to break up all that excess fabric and add a little something extra.

"Layering your jewellery over your knits is a great way to stay stylish while staying warm," agrees Rose. "The key to getting it right is stacking your chains at different lengths so they don't all get muddled together," she adds. She goes on to recommend picking a mix of pendants and simple chains: "diversify your selection so each piece can stand out on it's own. Pick one bold or interesting one and the rest should be more minimalist."

Bring On The Colour

Rose's Picks: Mix and match pieces from the Clover Capsule and the Mosaic Gemstone capsule

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with lots of festive colour! December's birthstone is the powerful Swiss Blue Topaz, which symbolises love, loyalty and clarity. But it's also the perfect time to go heavy on green or red gemstones.

"December is the perfect time to spotlight stunning green gemstones like Emerald and Peridot, or red tinted stones like ruby and pink tourmalines," shares Rose. "These amazing gems will make everyone green with envy and they go so well with all kinds of outfits, from casual denim, to neutrals and blacks. Accessorise a sleek black turtle neck and white jeans with a green gem necklace, studs and ring combo, for a complete chic look," she adds.

Ring Stacks For Festive Manis

Rose's Picks: The Diamond Criss Cross Ring, the Spiral Diamond Ring, the solid gold Open Ring, the North Star Ring, and the Dome Signet Ring.

Dress up your carefully manicured Christmas nails with eye-catching ring stacks to complete your festive looks. "There aren't many rules when it comes to ring stacking," says Rose. "You can mix and match styles, stones and metals to your heart's content – in fact, stacking your rings is all about having fun and being playful with it. Whether you go for bold block colours or endless shimmer on your nails, be equally as bold with your choice of rings," she adds.

Whether you're keeping things on the down low or going all out with parties this December, there's no denying that extra sparkle goes a long way in elevating everyone's festive spirit. Sweater weather doesn't have to be boring and stuffy, and your jewellery game doesn't have be an afterthought – this season it's your time to shine.